We lend tools to nonprofits and charitable organizations who equip volunteers. Those volunteers complete service projects, making Cincinnati a more vibrant and progressive place for everyone.

Our Services & Impact

Tool Lending Program

The heart of the ToolBank is our tool lending program. Charitable organizations have year-round access to the ToolBank’s inventory of tools and equipment for a nominal fee.

Facility Rentals

Interested in using space at the ToolBank? Our 10,000 sq ft upstairs space is currently available for rental!

2019 Impact Report

Lending tools is our thing. Providing expertise to the nonprofit community is our thing. Our services help organizations do their thing. Communities win, volunteers win and our fellow service providers win.


We care as much about our environmental footprint as we do for serving our fellow nonprofits.  In 2019, the ToolBank saved environmental member agencies $178,660 over the span of 83 tool-orders.

Tool Training Center

The Tool Training Center is an educational center bridging critical gaps in the areas of tool use, repair & safety, youth and young adult introduction to tools and trades, and disaster preparedness.

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